An active, thoughtful, work in progress.

I design for UX simply because I like to help. It feels good. As a therapeutic carer, psychology nerd and creator it turns out that UX design is where I can help most, so I do. This is how I got here:


My career began in marketing. I landed an executive role after my first year in the industry. I enjoyed getting into the mind of the customer but was not so enthralled with the ethics behind a constant push to sell.
(That’s me looking especially young at a tourism networking event)


I transitioned into social care work because I couldn’t ignore my passion for psychology and I wanted to use it. Working with victims of child abuse was the most physically and emotionally exhausting job but by far the most noble. I am proud to have helped young people gain qualifications, learn life skills and build true caring relationships.
(I’m a huge advocate for therapeutic horsemanship)


Moving to Austria meant my career in social care wasn’t as viable due to my less than perfect German. I still had to do something that felt worthwhile so I began working at an animal shelter. After 6 months I was in a management position, responsible for volunteers, new staff as well as many rare and wonderful species.
(Holding a rescued baby African Pygmy Dormouse)

Let’s work together


*But really, ride bikes not elephants ✌️