DogGo Part 2

The social app for dog owners

Project Overview

DogGo is a map-based social platform for dog owners looking to take more control of their interactions with other dogs and owners.

Whether the aim is to find compatible pups to organise regular walks with or seek out places where the chance of coming across other dogs is reduced, DogGo is your best friend. 


UX/ UI Designer UX Researcher Marketing Strategist


10 weeks


Figma InVision Miro

Stage 2: Define

Identifying the User


To bring my research to life and keep my target users in mind at every stage of this project I created user personas.

I needed two because it was clear through my interview findings that there are some very distinct differences between dog owners.

These can be summarised as the sociable owner (Beth) and the non-sociable owner (Sam).

A Day in the Life of Beth

I created this experience map in order to really understand how my users currently interact within the problem space of socialising with other dogs and owners.

I re-imagined the activities and touchpoints for Beth based on information from my secondary research and interviews.

I also considered how my non-sociable owners would fare. The same experiences would occur but the underlying aim would be to avoid others, rather than to seek them out.

Opportunities Identified

User Stories to Epics

I authored 28 user stories with the following format:

As a [user type] I want to [action] so that [user benefit]

This structure allowed me to consider all of my user types, what action my product could assist with and the specific outcome that should result from it.

Stories were then grouped into epics by the type of function that could be associated with them. It became clear that this point that one epic stood out. It suited a broad range of user stories and could act as a solid foundation upon which other epics could later be developed.

Chosen Epic:
View/ Share Dog Walking Information

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